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Sunroom Extensions Scotland

Despite the name, sunrooms extensions are more than just a way to enjoy the sun.

Sunrooms extensions bridge the gap from the addition of a basic room to the openness of the conservatory, bringing you the benefits of both. Your sunroom will be a true extension of your home, feeling like a seamless addition to your house. At the same time, it will bring you closer to your garden, allowing you to enjoy its charm from the comfort of your new sunroom.

You’ll be able to enjoy its benefit the year round because the sunroom will feature a structural, insulated roof system and thermally broken, insulated wall panels.

Unique, Gorgeous Sunrooms Extensions

Whatever your intention is for the room and however you want it to look, we’ll make sure it’s designed to your specifications.

We use only the best materials: your sunroom will be fitted with A-rated energy windows, providing energy efficiency to minimise your heating bills while remaining environmentally friendly. We’ll perform a survey of the site you want to build on and use these measurements to produce a drawing of the final design, allowing you to visualise what your sunroom will really look like.

We’re aware of the challenges that different environments present: rest assured, your sunroom will withstand the rigours of the Scottish weather.

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